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Bloodhammer - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy (2xLP, Album)

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It's pretty cool to see a full-fledged concept album from a band as raw and primitive as Bloodhammer- yeah, that sort of high-minded thing is common in prog or whatever, but how often do you see it from a resolutely oldschool, Bathory-style black metal band? Not often, and it's the main thing that sets Bloodhammer apart from the pack: ambition and scope. That being said, the nature of the album itself doesn't really extend down through the tracks; while certain tracks have been sculpted to fit certain themes, what you'll find on 'Post-Apocalypse Trilogy' is pretty straightforward first and second wave black metal right out of the Scandinavian scene.

Old Bathory, Darkthrone, and Mayhem are the primary influences here with little concessions made to modern songwriting standards. Blasts are employed, but sparingly, and typically slower than you'll find in modern black metal bands, and the riffs are carved right out of the early, pre-viking Bathory catalog. There's not much in the way of subtlety to be found; Bloodhammer is pretty content with their breed of ugly, primitive black/thrash and makes little effort to convince you of their quality. That is not to say this music is devoid of nuance; look at the textured riffs on 'Altered Shapes' which sound like an updated version of 'Under A Funeral Moon' and you might find that Bloodhammer has a little bit more going on than other bands of their ilk. Still, most of the album is exactly what it looks like: raw, oldschool, and primitive to the end.

The pretty cool but still raw production works well with this music, providing some of the blasted, scorched atmosphere described in the band's lyrics- while the concept is not as firmly tied to the music as in some other bands, it's still present and the inclusion of a couple instrumental tracks helps to support the album as a complete work rather than a mere collection of songs. There's something for all the oldschoolers here, be it the thrashy solos, the pure 'Deathcrush' vocal performance, or the hammering, pounding drum performance which sounds straight off an unreleased Sodom EP. Other bands might be more technical or have better riffs, but not many are going to match the pure spirit of Bloodhammer.

'Post-Apocalypse Trilogy' isn't especially high on replay value; once you've heard this record a few times you've discovered basically everything about it. Still, those listens are fun ones, jammed with oldschool riffs and misanthropy out the ass. I definitely recommend this one to the oldschool black/thrash fiends out there; if you dig Bestial Desecration or basically anything on the Hell's Headbangers catalog, you'll find a lot to enjoy on this one.


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Bloodhammer - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy (2xLP, Album)

Bloodhammer - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy (2xLP, Album)