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Brutally Deceased ‎– "Dead Lovers' Guide"LP

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The last time I got surprised by a band from Czech Republic was the mighty Krabathor - that in fact is the best band from that country and I see the scene is still stronger there. What happens when you are deep into your favorite bands and you are in a band, can musicians put aside their influences and create their own sound? Another question: what’s your favorite Swedish band? I can easily answer that it is Dismember, of course there are other killer bands like Grave, Entombed or At The Gates, too many to name for in this space! Brutally Deceased is like a tribute band to the old Swedish death metal, I had to start this review with that comment because was the first reaction when I first listened to this vinyland in fact this band claim to be strongly influenced by the best bands from Sweden; in fact they insist about that comparison with bands from there. 

Brutally Deceased is a very strong death metal band, with a pure, fine and lethal sound, this kind of death metal is just on the right way, I was satisfied since the beginning because this band plays with the characteristics that I look for in a band; for some people this kind of bands would be like a simple clone but if we analyze the level of execution we would notice the killer sound here. This is the death metal that was created on early 90´s, is that an easy description. Dead Lover´s Guide is a killer album; I love the intensity of all the songs, the right structure of all the riffs and strong vocals which is guttural and raw. The drums never stop. All the guitars are into the same sound like the Left Hand Path album, I mean the same tones and there are some thrilling riffs like brief solos offering a special taste and distinction to the songs.

Dead Lover’s Guide is a great album, like a travel to the old days but with a fresh sound, this is what new generations will know from the past with this kind of bands. The structures of the songs are well done, in a half hour is easy to understand the intention of this band, to perform the best of Swedish Death Metal and at the same time to show that they have a proper sound, they are not ripping off other band’s sound. This is the kind of albums I like to hear and play often because they offer me what I need: Intensity, brutality, fine riffs, killer song structures and compositions. I strongly recommend this to those into the sound of old school death metal. There’s a Dismember cover that you must check out!


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Brutally Deceased ‎– "Dead Lovers' Guide"LP

Brutally Deceased ‎– "Dead Lovers' Guide"LP